Information Governance 2.0 (Continued)

I have been writing quite a bit lately about the topic of Governance 2.0/Networked Information Governance, including an earlier post in this blog. Networked Information Governance = Information Governance + Enterprise 2.0. The idea for the name came from an excellent article published by Paul Strassman in 2001. At the time of its authoring in 2001, networked business models were continuing to grow in popularity, from the military to the most agile Fortune 2000 organizations. What it pre-dated was the radical advances in collaborative technologies would occur over the next few years to bring together “informal networks” that are so relevant in the application of governance. When it comes to bringing the informal network together with a formal approach, technologies and techniques from Enterprise 2.0 are a great fit: collaboration, search, tagging and aggregation are the keys to bridging the gap.

I wrote a more detailed post on this subject on FastForward and recently posted on presentation on slideshare.

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