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Archive for May, 2008

by: Sean.mcclowry
13  May  2008

Agile Information Development

My experience is that many big, complex organizations need an approach based on Information Management Transformation – a radical change to how they manage their information that is referred to as Information Development in MIKE2.0. But transformation is hard and there is a need to show value quickly. I’ve seen agile development techniques work for Software Development; can they work for Information Development?

The idea behind Agile Information Development is to provide an approach to most quickly deliver Information Management engagements using the MIKE2.0 Methodology. Agile development processes can be difficult for information management engagements due to the complexity of historical issues. Agile Information Development makes use of the techniques in XBR, Continuous Implementation and Continuous Improvement and accelerates them further. These techniques are from strategy through to implementation.

To find out more, go to the Agile Information Development Solution Offering. It’s in the early stages, so please jump in and help out!

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Category: Information Strategy

by: Sean.mcclowry
13  May  2008

What does MIKE2.0 provide to the IM community?

There are lots of great community sites for Information Management.  A question I’m often asked is “Why would I go to MIKE2.0?“, “What makes MIKE2.0 unique?”.   Below, I’ve tried to answer that question.

MIKE2.0 is a methodology for Enterprise Information Management. More than a traditional method, it’s really a complete framework: a common way of doing IM projects and logical best practices – linked into business issues and technology-specific solutions. Its scope covers the complete information supply chain within a company from how it is created, kept secure, accessed, presented, used for decisions, destroyed, etc.

As a community we haven’t quite figured out information management yet. The techniques are relatively immature and fragmented and the problems keep getting more complex. This is one of the reasons we see so many problems today in our clients. It is also why we see organizations that manage information well (Google, Walmart) being so successful.

I think our approach impacts the community in 3 significant ways:

By creating a standard for Information Development through a common competency. This is really what the community needs and due to the complexity of the issue, a complete framework is needed solve the problem. That’s our primary goal with MIKE2.0 and something no other consulting firms provides. We’re also using this approach as an organizing framework for open source technology.

Through the Integrated Content Repository, organizations create mashups to the MIKE2.0 standard and the best assets on the web. We call this approach Governance 2.0 and it’s a solution we can build for our clients.

As far as we know, MIKE2.0 is the world’s first open and collaborative methodology. It will be an interesting challenge for our community to see if we can actually build on this approach, which sits between a Wikipedia-style model and something you would see with code.

For a community standpoint, I think the approach is working. Every day we’re seeing more visitors to MIKE2.0 and getting positive feedback. We have a long way to go, but we’re getting there.

Category: Information Development, MIKE2.0
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