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Archive for July, 2008

by: Andreas.rindler
29  Jul  2008

Finger on the pulse of EDM

The EDM council has recently published a piece of primary research on the executive view of data and its relationship to current operational practices. The report is based on interviews with heads of data management at 20 global financial institutions. The key message is that while data is being seen as a critical player in meeting business, operational and compliance objectives, the majority of organisations are still in a “clean and consolidate” mode, trying to deliver the initial migration of content from their multiple business silos into centralised authoritative source systems.

The report then touches on the executive view of data management, the business view, funding and governance issues and implementation. Key actions to consider are:

  • Build your credibility on execution capability within the organisation
  • Be transparent to the business with operational metrics and SLA’s
  • Get metadata management right
  • Federated centralisation of business processes and operating model
  • Prove each component of EDM with a ROI

For a full copy of the report click here.

Category: Enterprise Data Management
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by: Andreas.rindler
11  Jul  2008

omCollab Enterprise 2.0 collaboration platform released

After months of hard work it’s finally here: omCollab, the Enterprise 2.0 collaboration platform that powers MIKE2.0 and our BearingPoint internal collaboration site. We have packaged up Mediawiki, WordPress and omBookmarks (a fork of Scuttle) into a single collaboration platform that can be used to host powerful online communities on the web or inside organisations. It’s a comprehensive collaboration platform which combines the following features in one single, integrated platform:

  • Wiki
  • Blogs
  • Social bookmarking
  • Social networking
  • Mashups
  • Search

Please see omCollab Homepage for full details.

We have released omCollab to the open source community because we want to build the world’s most powerful open source Enterprise 2.0 platform. We will continue to invest time and effort to improve omCollab as it powers MIKE2.0, the open source methodology for Enterprise Information Management. We hope that we can get the open source community engaged to help contribute to omCollab.

If you want to know where we are going, what features we are planning to build and maybe offer your help to achieve this, please check out the omCollab roadmap.

Finally, if you just want to check out omCollab for yourself or maybe even power your online community with it, go to the omCollab download and installation page

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Category: Enterprise2.0, Open Source

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