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Archive for October, 2008

by: Andreas.rindler
06  Oct  2008

Show us a better way – MyGov Personal Government

The UK Cabinet Office just completed an innovative competition called ‘Show Us A Better Way’. The government produces massive amounts of data on crime, on health, on education. This competition is looking for innovative ways to use this information, e.g. in mashups, and to release more value to the public.

The MIKE2.0 community also submitted a proposal, based on our experience with setting up MIKE2.0 and using omCollab:

MyGov Personal Government

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Category: Enterprise Data Management, Enterprise2.0, MIKE2.0, Web2.0
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by: Sean.mcclowry
02  Oct  2008

How do you govern $700B?

In the current economic environment I expect we are going to hear a lot about the need for greater openness, transparency and better information.  Too much regulation has been shown to hamper innovation, but free markets have their issues too – we’ve had 6 global collapses in the past 15 years after all.

I’m not sure what the right balance is, but Governance 2.0, which I mentioned in an earlier post and is one of the solutions in MIKE2.0, might indeed become a hot topic.

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Category: Information Governance
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