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Archive for November, 2008

by: Andreas.rindler
13  Nov  2008

1000th User Milestone for MIKE2.0!

After one and a half years we have achieved a major milestone for the MIKE2.0 community:

Congratulations to the 1000th MIKE2.0 user!

It was Janegriffin who registered today, 13 November 2008, at 06:06. Thanks Jane!

Alright, so while we are at it, how has the MIKE2.0 community developed over the last 1.5 years? A quick check in Google Analytics tells us that we have had 66,337 absolute unique visitors with 101,092 visits!

And now you will ask: So who was the first user then!?

Well, there can only be one: Sean McClowry with a staggering 8,953 edits to date according to Mr. MySQL. Keep it going, Sean!!

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Category: MIKE2.0
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by: Sean.mcclowry
10  Nov  2008

Managing Your Business Data

I had the pleasure of meeting Maria Villar at the IBM’s Information on Demand Conference where she presented on her new book – Managing Your Business Data. Its a great book for someone looking to make the “case for change” for treating information as an asset across the enterprise, building a culture of better information management and establishing roles and responsibilities for better data management across the organization.  There’s a wealth of information in there – and its something a business leader can understand just as well as a technologist. I particularly liked blending the conceptual (Maslow’s needs hierarchy for data management) with the pragmatic (lots of cases studies).

Maria tells me the book will be on Amazon soon but in the meantime you can order direct from the publisher at the link above.

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Category: Information Governance, Information Strategy
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