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Collaborating with MIKE2.0

MIKE2.0 has a number of collaboration tools, making it easy for you to contribute your knowledge to our IM community:  

  • A Wiki to collaboratively create and share content (based on MediaWiki which powers Wikipedia, the world’s largest Wiki).
  • A Blogs to publish individual or group-based information (based on WordPress, the world’s most popular blogging platform).
  • Forums to support questions and answers (Q&A) on IM topics (based on phpBB, the most widely used open source forums solution).
  • Search for users to discover content across federated repositories.
  • Rich User Interface with advanced navigational components, an integrated skin and single sign on to provide common look and feel across the platform.

Feel free to check them out when you have a moment- your contributions are much appreciated! 


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All content on MIKE2.0 and any contributions you make are published under the Creative Commons license. This allows you free re-use of our content as long as you add a brief reference back to us.

This Week’s Food for Thought:

What is the Most Important Aspect of your BI Strategy? 

Year after year, business intelligence (BI) is a top priority for organizations, and almost every company invests in some form of BI initiative.  While the decision to pursue a business intelligence project is often easy, the deeper question is, how can we achieve success in our endeavor?

Gartner identifies 3 main components of a well established BI strategy:

WHO: Describes who in the organization will have which roles in building and consuming the BI initiatives. This includes defining organizational and individual roles and combines the IT and business managers together.

WHAT: Describes the role of BI within an organization. What is the company trying to achieve with the BI program?

HOW: Describes the plan of how to achieve those objectives.

Do you agree?  What do you feel is the most important aspect of your BI strategy?

View and share comments here.
Does Your Business Suffer from a Data Quality Reality Gap? 

Are your data and system owners confident about the quality of their data or do they base their judgement on a combination of anecdotal evidence and finger in the air measurement?

If you are ignoring the quality of data that lies beneath the surface and are simply relying on what is staring you in the face, chances are you’re facing a data quality reality gap.

This article by Dylan Jones explores a real life example of a data quality gap and what it could mean to the financial, operational and strategic health of your business.

Read complete post.  




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