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This Week’s Food for Thought:

Forrester Report: Agile Development Becoming Mainstream

Forrester Research has announced the findings of a recent study showing that enterprises are rapidly moving to adopt Agile development methodologies to the point where 45% (nearly half) of the developers surveyed said they use Agile practices.

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Data Quality in the Supply Chain

Investing in getting the data ‘right first time’ is by far the best way to avoid problems down the line. We see similar issues with organizations who have developed sophisticated data collection processes to militate against entering garbage into their enterprise applications. As the organization grows  the data collection processes are being stretched beyond their capability to cope with the changing environment were responsibility for creating data is dispersed across the company and externally to trading partners.

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Enterprise 2.0 Requires Overalls

If you’re looking for overnight success, forget about social media. Snake oil salesman who tell you it’s easy (or it’s like magic) are NOT telling you the truth. Social media success, like everything else in life, requires hard work — thoughtfully and consistently done.  A recent Mashable piece, 3 Things You Need to Know About Social Media Strategy, makes this clear with the following advice. 

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How Pervasive is Business Intelligence?

In spite of increasing buzz about pervasive BI or about generalizing BI insights — that BI makes the difference in an increasing number of decisions — BI penetration still lags. Industry professionals seem no closer to licking the long-standing user-adoption problem. If anything, and in spite of the best-laid go-to-market efforts of the big BI suite players, user adoption has actually regressed.

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