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MIKE2.0 Business Solutions provide recommendations for solving a number of business problems for which information management is critical to success. 

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This Week’s Food for Thought:

SaaS for Business Intelligence: Factors to Consider

Business intelligence as a service will be a major trend this year, at least according to the companies selling it. Quentin Gallivan, CEO of BI-as-a-service provider PivotLink, thinks BI-as-a-service growth will outpace on-premise BI in 2010. The majority of folks surveyed by Kognitio, another BI-as-a-service provider, predicted a similarly rosy future for SaaS BI

Read the complete post.

How to Ensure Online Collaboration Adds Business Value 

A recent post on eDiscovery Journal notes 8 ways to ensure online collaboration projects add business value:

1. Understand that collaboration is a process, and a subset of broader executive set business outcomes.

2. Control of  information is necessary to mitigate risk.

3. The importance of Records management.

 4. Understand your content sources and types to be able to track and analyze them.

5. Use a solid collaboration platform (the author in this post recommends Microsoft SharePoint) to work from.

6. Educate management and employees on the goals and benefits of collaboration for positive participation.

7. Consider the knowledge worker and do not overload him or her. 

8. Utilize Records management for back end and administrative tasks.

Do you agree or disagree?  Based on your experience, can you recommend any others to add?

Read complete post.


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