Profile Spotlight: Milan Kucera

Milan Kučera

Milan has more than nine years of experience in Information Technology with a major emphasis on business intelligence, data warehousing, analytical CRM, ETL processes and data warehouse design.

As the Director of Data Architecture for a large Telecom in Prague, he was responsible for the development of job descriptions and department descriptions with the authority and responsibility for defining both personal and departmental KPIs.

He has substantial experience with business case development and development of different RFP/RFIs (metadata management, information management, information quality, data warehouse, ETL and data cleansing). He is also very knowledgeable about information quality tools.

Mr. Kučera prefers to coach over strong line management. This ensures continuous staff improvement (training, re-training). He is a TIQM® (Total Information Quality Management) certified consultant. TIQM, developed by Larry English, applies Kaizen® quality principles to information quality management. Mr. Kučera developed a unique market methodology called Company Information Quality Assessment (CIQA) and used it to analyze a state of management of quality information. This methodology applied the CMM (Capability Maturity Model) based on Philip Crosby”s Management Maturity Grid from his book “Quality is Free“.

Mr. Kučera has written more that 30 articles discussing business intelligence, data mining, data warehouse, information quality and data management issues. He was the first to promote information quality in the Czech market.

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