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Core Solution Offerings cover specific best practices around implementing foundation capabilities, advanced capabilities or an aggregate of these capabilities to deliver an overall architectural approach.

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Composite Solution Offerings go across offerings within different offerings groups.

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This Week’s Food for Thought:

Virtual Insurance: Your Data is Your Business?

Imagine the nightmare of your firm’s data being lost. Imagine, for example, the time it would take to recover if you kept unique copies of client files in your office and they were destroyed by flood or fire. Safeguarding and organizing your information is a mundane yet critical aspect of your business. Clear systems and plans can reduce the cost of storing data, increase the data’s safety, and improve your ability to use this data to increase sales.  The alternatives for a simple and secure information strategy are discussed below.

Read the complete post.

Enterprise 2.0: How to Make it Work   

There are heaps of organizational benefits that can be derived from E2.0 adoption, such as:

  •  Increased knowledge transfer
  •  Quicker/cheaper/more efficient access to subject matter experts
  •  Reduced costs of communication, eliminating need for travel
  •  Improved collaboration, accountability/transparency
  •  Reduced time to market for products and services
  •  Improved teamwork and employee recognition/satisfaction

Which are all great, but how often do Enterprise 2.0 adoptions succeed?Read complete post.

7 Secrets to Data Virtualization Success 

Historically, seven has been a sacred number. Creation took seven days to complete. To the ancient astronomers, there were seven planets. Pythagoreans revered seven because it was the sum of three and four.

Today’s IT teams responsible for data integration may consider applying the following seven secrets practiced by their enterprise counterparts to make their own advanced data virtualization projects and architectures successful. Read complete post.


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