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A Structural Overview of MIKE 2.0

If you’re not already familiar, here is an intro to the structure of the MIKE2.0 methodology and associated content:

  • A New Model for the Enterprise provides an intro rationale for MIKE2.0
  • What is MIKE2.0? is a good basic intro to the methodology with some of the major diagrams and schematics
  • Introduction to MIKE2.0 is a category of other introductory articles
  • Mike 2.0 How To – provides a listing of basic articles of how to work with and understand the MIKE2.0 system and methodology.
  • Alternative Release Methodologies describes current thinking about how the basic structure of MIKE2.0 can itself be modified and evolve. The site presently follows a hierarchical model with governance for major changes, though branching and other models could be contemplated.

We hope you find this of benefit and welcome any suggestions you may have to improve it.


MIKE2.0 Community

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What is MIKE2.0?
Deliverable Templates
The 5 Phases of MIKE2.0
Overall Task List
Business Assessment Blueprint
SAFE Architecture
Information Governance Solution

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This Week’s Blogs for Thought:

Bringing together digital, cloud and big data

History is replete with examples where ideas are launched with great fanfare and yet fail while subsequent iterations of very similar ideas are hugely successful.  The difference between a failed good idea and a success is often only a matter of a few subtle differences.

It can be argued that at any time there are just a few key trends which define technology support for business transformation and innovation in the industry as a whole.

Read more.

The Applification of the Enterprise, Part IV: An Example

In Part III of this series, I looked at how increasingly self-reliant employees are no longer tolerating many behind-the-times’ IT departments. In this part, I provide a more in-depth example of this type of organization.

It’s May of 2011 and I’m psyched. I have finally started working with my new client, a large healthcare organization based in the midwestern United States. Let’s call it Joel Hospital here, although it’s a pseudonym. Joel has a need for a consultant with my particular skills and, for reasons unbeknownst to me, its previous two consultants did not pan out.

Read more.


Communication, Not Tech, is #1 Job for CIOs

Whenever enterprises are asked about the greatest challenges facing IT, they invariably reply that it’s ensuring technology helps drive and change the business, not just polish existing processes to greater efficiency.

Read more.

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