Hype, Henry and Ginger

The house was quiet before Henry (foreground) arrived. Ginger (background) would rarely bark. Now, when Henry hears something even the slightest bit unfamiliar, he will utter a soft grrrrr. Ginger then follows with a louder grrrrrrrrrr. Then, Henry barks softly. Then, Ginger barks. Within a matter of 5 seconds, they’re both going ballistic.

Now, I can handle it and I will go Dog Whisperer on them, but I was thinking that this is how frenzies get created in all walks of life. Including information management. Analysts, bloggers, vendors and the media alike don’t want to get left behind so the ante continually gets upped. Does big data affect your life? The 2-word phrase has almost lost its meaning with so many vendors claiming it for so many different things.

I like MIKE and one of the reasons is that it’s written by practitioners. You don’t see a lot of “survey says” here. You see a lot of 1-1 experiences being shared. You can determine the hype level better that way.

Now, excuse me while I see what the fuss is about in the other room. Probably nothing.

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