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Feedback Request: Do you have a MIKE2.0 Success Story to Share? 

For the past few years, our team at MIKE2.0 has been actively soliciting, compiling and promoting best practices for enterprise information development. And this year, we want to hear from you!

Have you successfully used or applied MIKE2.0 concepts  in a business or educational setting? This could include using any of our open source methodologies, how-to guides, open source solutions, supporting assets, or blog advice in an effort to improve information management. 

If so, please share your experience with us in the comment section below, or email us at mike2@openmethodology.org. Community respondents will have a chance to be featured as a case study in future MIKE2.0 knowledge publications, so this is a great opportunity for exposure and to help make an impact improving enterprise information management across the globe.


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This Week’s Food for Thought:

Mobile BI: A New Frontier?

For years, the idea was greater than the execution. Then a product came along that changed the game and unleashed a flurry of apps and development activity.

Yes, I’m talking about the effect of the iPad on mobile BI, a subject I broached on this very blog a few weeks ago. And I’m not the only one noticing this trend. Nicole Laskowski recently wrote an interesting TechTarget piece on the adoption of mobile BI in the enterprise. According to Laskowski, “mobile BI is enjoying a surge in popularity. According to Gartner, 33% of the 1,364 organizations using BI tools it surveyed are planning to deploy mobile BI this year. That’s in addition to the 8% already using the technology.”

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The Value of Decommissioning Legacy Systems

Most organisations reward their project managers for achieving scope, within a given timeframe for a specified budget.  While scope is usually measured in terms of user functions most projects usually include the decommissioning of legacy systems.  Unfortunately it is the decommissioning step which is most often compromised in the final stages of any project.

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How to Build an Analytical Culture

The key to building an analytical culture is to make analytics easy to use, understand, and accessible.  The easiest way to do this is to develop an analytical portal.  The purpose of the analytical portal is to allow everyone in your organization to know, examine, and use the numbers without having to contact the accounting and information technology departments every time a report or numbers are needed.  Your analytical portal should allow people to have access to 5 business intelligence tools.

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