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Why MIKE2.0? The Need for Better Information Management

The era of ubiquitous technology has led to a new challenge – managing ubiquitous information. We now find that almost every organisation has a major challenge with managing their data:

  • Data quality is at the core of regulatory and customer pressures
  • Many system failures are largely data, not technology-driven and can only be mitigated by data rectification
  • Better business intelligence is at the core almost every major business recommendation
  • Data Warehousing is now mainstream, not an afterthought, and is at the core of data convergence strategies
  • A successful approach to IT Transformation is data-dependent

The MIKE2.0 Methodology has been built to support our belief that information really is one of the most crucial assets of a business. We believe meaningful, cost-effective Business and Technology processes can only be achieved with a successful approach for managing information Management that we callInformation Development. As a starting point to understanding MIKE2.0 you may want to review the following:

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This Week’s Blogs for Thought:

Do You Know Good Information When You Hear It? 

When big data is discussed, we rightfully hear a lot of concerns about signal-to-noise ratio. Amidst the rapidly expanding galaxy of information surrounding us every day, most of what we hear sounds like meaningless background static. We are so overloaded but underwhelmed by information, perhaps we are becoming tone deaf to signal, leaving us hearing only noise.
Before big data burst onto the scene, bursting our eardrums with its unstructured cacophony, most of us believed we had data quality standards and therefore we knew good information when we heard it. Just as most of us believe we would know great music when we hear it.

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Your Insight Might Protect Your Job

Technology can make us lazy.  In the 1970s and 80s we worried that the calculator would rob kids of insight into the mathematics they were learning.  There has long been evidence that writing long-hand and reading from paper are far superior vehicles for absorbing knowledge than typing and reading from a screen.  Now we need to wonder whether that ultimate pinnacle of humanity’s knowledge, the internet, is actually a negative for businesses and government.

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How Machine Learning is Improving Computer Security

If there’s one thing that keeps business leaders awake at night, it’s worries over data security. Nowadays, every company no matter the size uses technology in their operations, whether its using cloud systems for emails, massive server rooms for handling online transactions, or simply allowing employees to access company information on their smartphones. One misstep could end up leading to data loss or even data theft, which could end up costing the company some big money. Even mega-corporations like Target aren’t immune to this unfortunate trend. Businesses are looking for ways to make their information more secure, so to do that, many security systems are turning to big data, or more specifically to machine learning as a way to prevent and combat threats.

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