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Archive for the ‘Member Profiles’ Category

by: Bsomich
22  Aug  2012

Profile Spotlight: Kevin Parker

Kevin Parker

Kevin Parker is the Principal Consultant & Practice Lead for Information Management at  T. White Parker Associates, Inc.

He is a proven information and technology leader with an array of experience in enterprise information architecture. Parker brings a unique combination of technological expertise, business acumen, and strategic leadership, including:

SharePoint Architecture & Development
Enterprise Information Architecture & Management
Enterprise Web Application Architecture & Development
Enterprise Systems Architecture & Management
User Experience Design
Graphic Design, Marketing & Communication
Social Media & Enterprise 2.0
IT Strategy

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by: Bsomich
04  Aug  2012

Profile Spotlight: Christine Connors

Christine Connors

Christine Connors is currently the Senior Consultant at Knowledgent Group. Ms. Connors has extensive experience in taxonomy, ontology and metadata design and development. Prior to forming TrivimRLG, Ms. Connors was the global director, semantic technology solutions for Dow Jones, responsible for partnering with business champions across Dow Jones to improve digital asset management and delivery. In that position, she managed a worldwide team responsible for the development of taxonomies, ontologies and metadata that are used to add value to Dow Jones news and financial information products. Ms. Connors also served as business champion for the Synaptica® software application, including managing a US-based team of software developers, and supported Dow Jones consulting practices worldwide, which deliver end-to-end information access solutions based on taxonomies, metadata and semantic technologies. Prior to joining Dow Jones Ms. Connors was a knowledge architect at Intuit, where she was responsible for introducing semantic technologies to online content management and search. And before that, she was a Metadata Architect at Raytheon Company and Cybrarian at CEOExpress Company. At Raytheon Company she oversaw knowledge representation and enterprise search, delivering large-scale taxonomies, metadata schema and rules-based classification to improve retrieval of internal information via a multi-vendor retrieval platform.

Ms. Connors is a certified Six Sigma Specialist, and is a member of both the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) and the Special Libraries Association. Christine is Organizer of the Philadelphia and Princeton Semantic Web Meetups, and Assistant Organizer of the New York Semantic Web Meetup.

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by: Bsomich
11  Apr  2012

Profile Spotlight: David Shalev

David Shalev

David Shalev is a business intelligence consultant with more then 20 years of in-depth BI experience in the global market. He has successfully held roles as Director, Projects Manager, Designer, Consultant, Analyst and Developer in all areas of Business intelligence including Data Warehousing, Dashboards and scorecards, Revenue Assurance, Information Portals, Executives Information Systems (EIS), Data Mining, BI-to-CRM integration, BI infrastructures, Data Integration, BI marketing, Guidance of BI courses, leading BI Methodology development and other subjects.

His experience was gained in Israel, US, Europe (UK, Greece, Poland, Romania), Asia (India, Singapore, Azerbaijan, Philippines) and South Africa.

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by: Bsomich
19  Jan  2012

Profile Spotlight: Helena Hamilton

Helena Hamilton

Helena Hamilton is currently the Manager of Enterprise Information Management at Deloitte and has over 10 years of professional working experience in technology and consulting. She is an Information Management specialist with recent client experience in information governance, data quality assessment, business intelligence and enterprise reporting solutions. Her industry expertise includes public sector banking and financial services, pharmaceuticals and consumer business.

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by: Bsomich
06  Jan  2012

Profile Spotlight: Charlene Dickson

Charlene Dickson

Charlene Dickson is an Information & Process Engineer interested in various information management methodologies with a permanent consultancy career focus.  She is currently the Scrum Master for Mix Telematics in Cape Town, South Africa. Dickson has experience with varied working environments, working styles, organizational structures and management styles which enables her to successfully execute information management projects.

Her educational and professional certification experience includes Cambridge O and A levels, MCTS & MCP SQL Server 2005 Implementation and Maintenance, and Certification as Scrum Master.  She has also completed Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification studies 2012 with the ASQ.

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by: Bsomich
09  Aug  2011

Profile Spotlight: Satinder Parmar

 Satinder Parmar

Satinder Parmar is a Consultant at Cisco Systems and part of the Information Management Suite core team. He is also a core contributor to MIKE2.0. 

Satinder is PMP certified with over 10 years of management and technology experience at major global consulting companies.  He has a proven track record of managing results oriented projects and teams and is proficient in all phases of project management and the development and deployment of tools, methodologies and assets to support the business.  His strong technical and functional skills span software development life cycle, project management, databases, infrastructure and information management.

Connect with Satinder.

Category: Member Profiles
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by: Bsomich
27  Jul  2011

Profile Spotlight: Daniel Galassi

Daniel Galassi

Daniel Galassi is an experienced consultant and a big supporter of open standards. He has over 7 years of focus working on business intelligence, data warehousing and application integration projects across various industries.  His current expertise is with OBIEE, focused around designing and building BI solutions, applying best practices, design principles and relevant controls. Daniel has a strong background in the banking and financial services; telecommunications; retail; and fast moving consumer goods industries.

Taking advantage of the experience gained in previous application integration projects, he is able to effectively advise clients on ways to make business intelligence solutions work together with other information systems.

Connect with Daniel.

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by: Bsomich
13  Jul  2011

Profile Spotlight: Matthew Moore.

Matthew Moore

Matthew Moore has been working in the Knowledge Management field for over 10 years.  He is currently a Director at Innotecture, an information management consulting firm based in Australia.  Matt’s professional experience includes knowledge management, learning and development, internal communications and community development working with such companies as PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM, Oracle and the Australian government.

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by: Bsomich
15  Jun  2011

Profile Spotlight: Steve Sarsfield

Steve Sarsfield is a data governance business expert, speaker, author and blogger.

He is a product marketing professional at a major data quality vendor and author of the book “The Data Governance Imperative.”  He has held speaking engagements at events such as MIT Information Quality Symposium, the International Association for Information and Data Quality (IAIDQ) Symposium and at SAP CRM 2006 summit.


• Strategic Business Planning & Development
• Enterprise Product Expertise
• Author of Book “Data Governance Imperative”
• Accomplished Speaker and Dale Carnegie Graduate
• Project and Budget Management

Connect with Steve.

Category: Member Profiles
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by: Bsomich
06  Apr  2011

Profile Spotlight: Charles Blyth

Charles Blyth

Charles Blyth is an accomplished business leader, equipped with a commanding track record in driving real and measurable improvements to performance.

He draws on over 12 years experience in Business Intelligence and Master Data Management, allied to a clear understanding of real-world objectives and effective dialogue with key people.  He possesses key experience in assembling and inspiring large teams including managing consultants and deciding their input.

Blyth is confident and effective, orchestrating projects with budgets of £2.5m+, and expert in building the business case for investment and strategic change.  He is equally successful launching new initiatives or turning around troubled projects, achieving swift, high-level results which leave lasting benefits.

Connect with Charles.

Category: Member Profiles
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