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Archive for the ‘Member Profiles’ Category

by: Bsomich
29  Dec  2010

Profile Spotlight: Steve Miller.

Steve Miller

Steve Miller is co-founder of a Chicago-based business intelligence (BI) services firm OpenBI, LLC, that specializes in delivering analytic solutions with both open source and commercial technologies. Miller has more than 30 years of experience in intelligence and analytics, having migrated from health care program evaluation, to database consulting with Oracle Corporation, to running a fast-growing BI services business at Braun Consulting. Advances in technology over that time have fundamentally enabled the use of quantitative methods for business differentiation. OpenBI, LLC, is all about helping customers attain that differentiation. Steve blogs frequently on Stats Man’s Corner at

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by: Bsomich
22  Dec  2010

Profile Spotlight: Claude Super

Claude Super

Claude Super is an information governance expert at INFGOV.NET.  He is organized, disciplined, honest, passionate and independent, with extensive experience working with project managers and business leaders.
His strong technical background provides a deep understanding of complex technologies.  His information technology experience includes services oriented architecture (SOA) in the areas of ECM, archiving (IDARS), Output Management, Enterprise Information Management (EIM) and Information Governance.  Super is a strong leader, resistant to stress, and thrives in a collaborative environment.

Connect with Claude.

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by: Bsomich
15  Dec  2010

Profile Spotlight: Milan Kučera

 Milan Kučera

Milan has more than nine years of experience in Information Technology with a major emphasis on business intelligence, data warehousing, analytical CRM, ETL processes and data warehouse design.

As the Director of Data Architecture for a large Telecom in Prague, he was responsible for the development of job descriptions and department descriptions with the authority and responsibility for defining both personal and departmental KPIs.

He has substantial experience with business case development and development of different RFP/RFIs (metadata management, information management, information quality, data warehouse, ETL and data cleansing). He is also very knowledgeable about information quality tools.

Mr. Kučera prefers to coach over strong line management. This ensures continuous staff improvement (training, re-training). He is a TIQM® (Total Information Quality Management) certified consultant. TIQM, developed by Larry English, applies Kaizen® quality principles to information quality management. Mr. Kučera developed a unique market methodology called Company Information Quality Assessment (CIQA) and used it to analyze a state of management of quality information. This methodology applied the CMM (Capability Maturity Model) based on Philip Crosby”s Management Maturity Grid from his book “Quality is Free“.

Mr. Kučera has written more that 30 articles discussing business intelligence, data mining, data warehouse, information quality and data management issues. He was the first to promote information quality in the Czech market.

Connect with Milan.

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by: Bsomich
08  Dec  2010

Profile Spotlight: Jill Dyché

Jill  Dyché

Jill Dyché is a partner and co-founder of Baseline Consulting. Her role at Baseline is a combination of best-practice expert, industry gadfly, key client advisor, and all-around thought leader. She is responsible for key client strategies and market analysis in the areas of data governance, business intelligence, master data management, and customer relationship management.

Jill counsels boards of directors on the strategic importance of their information investments, and is the author of three books on the business value of IT.  Jill’s first book, e-Data (Addison Wesley, 2000) has been published in eight languages. She is a contributor to Impossible Data Warehouse Situations: Solutions from the Experts (Addison Wesley, 2002), and her book, The CRM Handbook (Addison Wesley, 2002), is the bestseller on the topic.

Jill’s work has been featured in major publications such as Computerworld, Information Week, CIO Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune and Jill’s latest book, Customer Data Integration (John Wiley and Sons, 2006) was co-authored with Baseline partner Evan Levy, and shows the business breakthroughs achieved with integrated customer data.

Jill is a featured speaker at industry conferences, university programs, and vendor events. She serves as a judge for several IT best practice awards. She is a member of the Society of Information Management and Women in Technology, a faculty member of TDWI, and serves as a co-chair for the MDM Insight conference. Jill is a columnist for DM Review, and a blogger for BeyeNETWORK and Baseline Consulting.

Connect with Jill. 

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by: Bsomich
24  Nov  2010

Profile Spotlight: Bryn Davies


Bryn Davies

Bryn Davies has over 23 years of broad industry experience in IT and in particular Data Management. In addition to designing, building and managing one of the first data warehouses in SA, he spent 14 years with Sybase South Africa as Technical Director and later Regional Manager for the Cape Town operation. During this time, he was involved in all aspects of Business Intelligence, data management, enterprise application and data integration, and data and information quality.

He was also product and solutions manager for leading data quality software solutions, and managed numerous consulting exercises at SA companies for data quality, data integration and BI.

Subsequently Bryn co-founded InfoBlueprint and he is currently Managing Director of the company, which is dedicated to providing leading professional services in the fields of Information Management and Data Quality. He has presented and authored a number of articles on the subject of data quality.

Connect with Bryn.

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by: Bsomich
17  Nov  2010

Profile Spotlight: Ismael Caballero

Ismael Caballero

Ismael Caballero has a PhD in Computer Science and works as Associate Professor at the Escuela Superior of Informática of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) in Ciudad Real (Spain).

He is a member of the Alarcos Research Groups ( in the UCLM. Previously, he has also worked as researcher for the Department of R&D of Indra Software Labs, leading several initiatives related to data quality and health.

His main research interest is on data and information quality management. Currently, he is focusing his work on developing adequate tools and techniques for supporting the organizational assessment and improvement of data and information quality management. He is also interested in applying data quality foundations to areas like Software Engineering, Energy and Health.

He participates and has actively participated in several international forums centred on data and information quality, like several editions of the International Conference on Information Quality (ICIQ), and the International Journal of Information Quality (IJIQ) by Elsevier where he is member of the editorial board.

Connect with Ismael.

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by: Bsomich
10  Nov  2010

Profile Spotlight: Andrew Brooks

Andrew Brooks

Andrew is a seasoned Business Information & Data ‘change agent’ – influencing and delivering fundamental changes in the way in which organisations understand, govern and exploit their information and data assets.

Andrew’s innate ability to ‘grasp the thorns’ of complex, wide-ranging, and often ambiguous business process, technology, people and information/data issues has developed his reputation as a highly effective Information Management trouble-shooter at organisations including T-Mobile, Vodafone, Mannesman, AT&T, Tesco, Abbey National Bank, Ofcom and Toyota.

Connect with Andrew

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by: Bsomich
27  Oct  2010

Profile Spotlight: Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones 

Nathan Jones is a Manager in Deloitte’s Information Management & Integration practice in London, specialising in information quality and enterprise data management.

He has focused on operational business intelligence, data management, data quality and data warehousing for nearly 10 years, and worked with clients from blue chip energy and finance firms through SME’s to large and small public sector organisations.

Connect with Nathan

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by: Bsomich
19  Oct  2010

Profile Spotlight: John Morris

John Morris

John Morris is a highly experienced Data Migration professional with a 25 year history in information technology.

For the last ten years he has specialised solely in delivering Data Migration projects. During that time he has worked on some of the biggest migration projects in the UK and for some of the major systems integrators.

John is the author of “Practical Data Migration” the top selling book on data migration published by the BCS (British Computing Society).

John is a regular speaker at conferences in the UK and abroad. He is passionate about elevating Data Migration to the position it deserves as a skill-set and marketplace in its own right.

In 2006 he co-founded Iergo as a specialist data migration consultancy. Iergo only specialise in Data Migration bringing their many years of experience to the problem domain. 

Connect with John.

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by: Bsomich
13  Oct  2010

Profile Spotlight: Themos Kalafatis

Themos Kalafatis

Themos Kalafatis is a predictive analytics consultant at MetronLabs in Greece.  Prior to, he was a Solutions Consultant at HP and a Data Mining Consultant at Intracom SA.  He has over 10 years Data Mining and 5 years Text Mining experience with specific application of Data Mining Techniques in:

1) Banking
2) Insurance
3) Telecoms
4) Real Estate
5) Retail

As well as application of Text Mining and Information Extraction in:

1) Banking
2) Financial Markets (Sentiment – News Categorization)
3) Real Estate
4) User Opinions – Brand Sentiment / Reputation
5) Social Media (Twitter)

He blogs regularly on the subject of business intelligence and predictive analytics.

Connect with Themos.

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