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by: Sean.mcclowry
01  Feb  2009

Want to help make omCollab better?

We’ve been working omCollab, the technology that supports MIKE2.0, for quite a while.  The whole approach is free and open source. You can get the code from here:

Our goal is to not only to build a better platform for MIKE2.0.  Its to provide an integrated product that meets the requirements for enterprise collaboration and will support our key initiative at and the concept of an integrated framework for information development.

A couple questions for this group:

1. Do you think its a good idea?

2. Do you have any recommendations on open source assets we might want to bundle into omCollab?

3. Does anyone want to help?

What to find out more?

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by: Sean.mcclowry
28  Jan  2009

MIKE2.0 forums released

One thing we’ve noticed over the past 2 years is that we’re building a solid “read” and “user” community around MIKE2.0 but we don’t have nearly as many contributors.

Whereas this is a common struggle for many wiki communities, it is arguably even a bigger hurdle in MIKE2.0 due to the method based approach. 3 of the biggest reasons why contributions have been difficult are:

  • The impression (which is somewhat true) that it is tough to write wiki articles for MIKE2.0 – it’s seen as being kind of like writing a white paper.
  • The nature of how people come to the site. The majority of users arrive on MIKE2.0 via search. They came to the site looking for something, not to add something.
  • It’s not clear how people should help. Although there are wiki redlinks and stubs, its not immediately obvious – especially if someone has very limited time.

So we’re aiming to get people used to writing a bit at a time and engaged in a manner that allows them to interact better in a transactional fashion (e.g. a simple question or forum post). From this approach, I think we’ll get better results in terms of people writing. You can participate in the forum here:

We’ve also built a discussion group in linked in.  While there is some overlap in terms of the functionality of these discussions forums – there is definitely value in getting plugged into the 30M members in linked in. You can join this group here:

We’ll also work on integrating this into our site better in the future.


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by: Andreas.rindler
24  Apr  2008

MIKE2.0 Facelift

As you will have noticed (unless you are a new user), MIKE2.0 just received a major facelift. We have spent the last 6 weeks up until now introducing new, exciting functionality and a major improvement in the look at feel of the site. Here is a summary of the major changes:

  • New integrated skin across the wiki, blogs and social bookmarking, enabling common navigation and common search

MIKE2.0 integrated skin navigation

  • Single sign on from your wiki account with bookmarks, so there is no need any more to log in twice
  • Improved navigation menu on the MIKE2.0 wiki, giving you easy access to the key pages of the site


  • New rating of bookmarks and commenting on bookmarks to bring out the bookmarks most valued by the IM community

Bookmark Rating and Commenting

  • Social networking where you can share your social profile and connect with other practitioners and build the IM community
  • Upgrade of blogs to WordPress 2.5 with improved blog post management functionality

Wordpress Editor 2.5

You will have also seen a new “Partners” feature box on the bottom left. We want to thank our supporters and would like to give them an opportunity to feature their site. If you are interested in becoming a supporter for MIKE2.0, please get in touch with the MIKE2.0 Leadership Team.

What’s in the works? We want to provide single sign on with the group blog so that you can comment without having to enter your name/email address every time. We are also looking to improve how we showcase some of our key contributors. And we would like to improve office integration and WYSIWYG editing functionality.

In the mean time, enjoy the new site, tell your colleagues about it or blog about it.

I also want to say a special thank you to the people who made this major facelift happen: Alex Papadopoulos, Aran Dunkley, Jarrod Poynton, Pete Dakin and Sean McClowry. Thanks for your hard work.


Andreas Rindler

Solution Architect for MIKE2.0 Collaboration Platform

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by: Sean.mcclowry
17  Apr  2008

Enhanced Wiki Editing

If you want an enhanced editing experience and you’re using Firefox, try installing wikEd. Its a WYSIWYM editor that provides functionality such as copy-and-paste from word.

For now we’re having a using-driven installation on the MIKE2.0 site but may provide it for a general release.

1. Log in.

2. Figure out which skin you’re using: (or any other wiki instance), 2nd tab is “skins”.

3. Edit

Add the following text to the end of the page (it’s OK if it’s empty to begin with):

// install [[User:Cacycle/wikEd]] in-browser text editor

document.write(‘<script type=”text/javascript” src=”‘

+ ‘

+ ‘&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript”></’ + ‘script>’);

4. SHIFT + Reload the page, the editor should be there.

As an example go to:

This approach could also be installed on other recent versions of MediaWiki that provide user-enabled scripting (such as BearingPoint’s IM Collab environment).

For more information, go to the wikEd home page.

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by: Sean.mcclowry
25  Jul  2007


Welcome to Information Development – a blog dedicated to the subject of Information Management. Complementary to the MIKE2.0 Methodology which is provides a structured competency for Information Development, this is a collection of perspectives on how the management of information has tremendous impacts on business, technology and society.

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