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Michael K. Bergman is the CEO and co-founder of Structured Dynamics LLC, a provider of services and products for the semantic enterprise, and editor of the lightweight UMBEL subject concept ontology. He is the author of the popular AI3:::Adaptive Information blog with nearly 400 articles in the areas of structured data, linked data the semantic Web and the semantic enterprise.

For the past twenty years Mike has been an entrepreneur, Web scientist, and independent consultant. Mike was CEO of Zitgist LLC, the predecessor company to Structured Dynamics. For six years prior to that up to late-2006, Mike was the co-founder, chief technology officer, and chairman of BrightPlanet Corporation. Prior to that he was founder and CEO of VisualMetrics Corporation, a data warehousing software firm with an emphasis on large-scale Internet databases and bioinformatics, and TheWebTools Company, an early pioneer in meta-search tools.

Mike’s software development and management experience includes products in semantic Web technologies, Internet search tools, data warehousing, bioinformatics, platform-independent user interfaces, accounting, finance, management, planning, electronic mapping and technical areas. He was the author of an early award-winning Internet search tutorial and first defined and analyzed the scope of the ‘deep Web.’

Mike is acknowledged as an expert in semantic technologies and linked data, semi-structured data, search, information theory, and document content. He was a magna cum laude graduate of Pomona College in botany and was a doctoral candidate at Duke University in population genetics.

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