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Information Modelling

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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This article is currently Under Construction. It is undergoing major changes as it is in the early stages of development. Users should help contribute to this article to get it to the point where is ready for a Peer Review.

The Information Management Roadmap Overview activity is a key aspect of the incremental development model. In this model the delivery of the information management environment is seen as a series of short projects, which may be referred to as "cycles", "releases”, “increments” or “projects”. Each major release is defined by a Roadmap.

Activity: Information Modelling

Objective. This is a placeholder activity. It may be used to provide an integrated activity that brings together activities related to:

At this time these are 3 separate activities. Taxonomy Design is a new activity that is currently under development.



The rationale for linking these activities together would be to:

  • Provided an integrated approach on common concepts to meet emerging business requirements around convergence of these areas

Current Recommendation

Although there are commonalities between each of these activities, most projects do not make use of all 3 concepts at this time. It likely makes more sense to link the 3 activities through a Solution Offering or Supporting Asset. Withing this offering other types of modelling could also be linked together. The most likely approach is that they will be linked in the SOA, EII and MDA Solution Offering, with Supporting Assets providing the detail.

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