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MIKE2:Contribution Model

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The MIKE2.0 Governance Association helps provide the long-term version for the MIKE2.0 Methodology, reviews release assets and acts as the owners of the content. To meet this goal requires roles and responsibilities at multiple levels to drive content creation, resolve disputes and coordinate activities across individuals.

The Contribution Model defines roles and responsibilities for adding content to the methodology. The Contribution Model also provides a governance framework for changing existing MIKE2.0 assets to improve quality and stability.

Key features of this approach are as follows:

This model, which is expected to evolve over time, has 6 categories of active participants. Their responsibilities are as follows.


MIKE2.0 Governance Association

The Board

  • Provide an expert view related to industry and technology direction
  • Bring a outside perspective and fresh thinking to project team
  • Help set the project's long-term direction, working primarily with the MIKE2.0 Leadership Team

MIKE2.0 Leadership Team

  • Help set overall project direction and lead project delivery
  • Define the business plan for the MIKE2.0 Methodology
  • Guide the content vision of the MIKE2.0 Methodology
  • Work as a team to provide expertise across the methodology, encouraging membership on the team from diverse areas
  • Also act as Core Contributors
  • Lead resolution of escalated issues

MIKE2.0 is a collaborative effort by Information Management professionals from around the world.  We are delighted to announce that the initiative has moved to its next logical stage by transitioning to an independent governance body, the MIKE2.0 Governance Association (MGA). The MGA has been formed as a Swiss non-profit association with a board which includes representatives from BearingPoint and Deloitte. Board appointments from other major contributing organisations are imminent.  The MGA gratefully acknowledges the vision shown by BearingPoint to establish this initiative and looks forward to continuing this collaborative venture.

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the MGA is to elevate the status of information as an asset in our organisations through proper governance and management architectures, methodologies and implementation techniques. Our community will work together in a collaborative, open and honest fashion.

Guiding Principles

Key principles for how our group will operate are as follows:

  • Aim to increase the profile of Data Management as a competency, encouraging the use of an Information Development approach
  • Encourage active contribution within the MIKE2.0 Framework of a collaborative community of Data Management professionals
  • Publically discuss issues with the Core MIKE2.0 Methodology, with changes to be reflected in the overall framework as appropriate
  • Focus on usability by making it simple for users to implement solutions with MIKE2.0
  • Allow for integration with other methods by making it easier for practitioners to incorporate MIKE2.0 it other approaches
  • Facilitate a commercial approach from technology vendors and systems integrators to directly map into their offerings
  • Actively market our approach to build awareness and openly seek evangelists for the MIKE2.0 approach

Becoming a Sponsor/Member

The MGA provides options to become a sponsor. If you are interesting in sponsoring, please contact us at

Another way to become of member of the MGA is to become an active contributor to the MIKE2.0 Methodology. The MGA employs a model based on meritocracy to determine the roles where Contributors could best help within the Consortium.

The leadership team for MIKE2.0 consists of the founding members of the MIKE2.0 Governance Association:

  • Sven Mueller is the lead of BearingPoint's Information Management practice and is based in Zurich, Swizterland. As the EMEA lead of BearingPoint's IM Solution Suite, Sven drives adoption of the MIKE2.0 approach, integrated with BearingPoint's go-to-market solutions. He is President and Chairman of the Board of the MGA.

Philosophy on Contribution

You don't need to be an expert in Enterprise Information Management to contribute to MIKE2.0. Content in MIKE2.0 goes through a Peer Review process and users will be able to see if your content is in the early stages. What you should expect is that your content will be edited by other users of the methodology; in some cases you may not consider these edits to be an improvement.

Having different types of contributors will be important to MIKE2.0. That means that we need points of view from business users, testers, domain experts and senior management. It is the differing perspectives that will help make the MIKE2.0 methodology better over time.


We consider the meritocracy-based approach followed by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) to be an excellent model to building the MIKE2.0 Methodology. Our aim is to have the Data Governance and Management Consortium operate in a similar fashion.

As has happened with the ASF, we hope that this model will scale well and without creating significant issues. We also believe there is no conservative resource at stake (money, energy, time) to building a new approach to Information Development and that there is plenty of work to go around! Like the ASF, selection of DGMC team members s will also be based on finding people that we believe are committed enough for the task and can work well with others, especially in disagreement.

Roles and Responsibilities

In terms of roles, we once again believe the ASF provides an excellent starting point. We have defined the MGA's Roles and Responsibilities and we will actively recruit members based on their contributions to MIKE2.0.

Although we expect this model to evolve, our belief is that it is better to get content out in front of a user community sooner rather than wait until our organisation structure is more fully formulated.

Core Contributors

  • Can make changes across the methodology, including to the Core MIKE2.0 Methodology as part of a Release Cycle
  • Assist with issue resolution
  • Contribute actively to Peer Reviews
  • Have a responsibility to comprehensively understand MIKE2.0
  • Can apply to become members of the MIKE2.0 Leadership Team

Supporting Contributors

User Community

Whereas all members of the Data Governance and Management Consortium are included as part of the user community, not all users will want to become dedicated contributors to the MIKE2.0 Methodology and will act in more of a "user" role.

Active Users

  • Registered users of the MIKE2.0 Methodology
  • Make minor contributions to the overall approach
  • Any contributions they make must follow Contribution Guidelines for MIKE2.0
  • Active Users can apply to become members of the Data Governance and Management Consortium, start by becoming Supporting Contributors


  • Freely have access to use the MIKE2.0 Methodology
  • Are not required to register to make use of the methodology
  • Only responsibility is to follow terms of the License for MIKE2.0

The MIKE2.0 Leadership Team, Core Contributors, Supporting Contributors and Active Users all must follow a set of guidelines around content contribution.

Those individuals that wish to contribute to MIKE2.0 must follow a specific set of Contribution Guidelines.

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