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MIKE2:Software Assets

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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Software Assets are at the level of either Supporting Assets or MIKE2.0 Solutions. Open Source Software Assets are generally not hosted on the site but should have a corresponding Article page. This Article should contain:

Alternatively, a link to the asset can be provided through OM Bookmarks

The article or bookmark provide a link to product’s home page on a site such as SourceForge or Eclipse. Users may also wish to map in Private Supporting Assets at this level and not make them part of the Open Methodology.

omCollab Collaboration Platform

omCollab is the collaboration platform for MIKE2.0 and one of the free Software Assets available to MIKE2.0 users. It is a powerful, Enterprise 2.0 collaboration product completely built on open source software. It provides a web portal environment to create, share and search Microsoft Office content, files, shared bookmarks, blog posts and wiki articles on the web and across the enterprise. omCollab integrates some of the most powerful open source software applications into a single collaborative environment. It enables organisations to drive innovation, collaboration and community building.

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