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MIKE2:Solution Offerings

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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MIKE2 Solutions address business and technology problems related to information management by supplementing the Overall Implementation Guide in both a detailed and holistic fashion. The detailed aspect to MIKE2 Solutions means that they typically encompass very specific techniques, design patterns and process steps. The holistic aspect means that MIKE2 Solutions tend to focus on a certain type of problem as opposed to being generalized for information management like the Overall Implementation Guide. MIKE2 Solutions are mapped to Activities in the Overall Implementation Guide.

The are multiple types of Solutions that make up the MIKE2 Methodology:

  • Technology Backplane Solutions provide best practices infrastructure and information development.
  • The SAFE (Strategic Architecture for the Federated Enterprise) Solution is a framework primarily used for architecting the Technology Backplane.
  • The COE (Centre of Excellence) Delivery Model covers best practices for governing, delivering and managing projects across the Technology Backplane in an efficient fashion.
  • Business Solutions are applied to common business problems for which data management practices are a key success factor.
  • Vendor Solutions provide integrated approaches to solving problems from a vendor perspective and are often product-specific.

Thus far, the primary focus of MIKE2 has been on creating Solutions that apply to the Technology Backplane. The complementary MIKE2 Business and Vendor Solutions are newer areas and will have a greater ongoing focus as the methodology is further developed

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