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Product Solution Offerings

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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MIKE2.0 Product Solutions

Product Solution Offerings describe an offering that is specific to a commercial or open source product. They map directly to Core Solution Offerings and in some cases also map to Business Solution Offerings.

Vendor Solution Offerings are vendor-specific recommendations for solving problems in Information Management. Whereas core Solution Offerings tend to be logical in nature, Vendor solutions are physical as they focus on implementation approaches with specific vendor products.

Open Source Solution Offerings are used to implement solutions to Information Management problems, solely through the use of open source technologies. Open Source products tend to be immature when compared with commercial offerings in the Information Management space – one of the goals of MIKE2.0 is to address this issue by becoming an organizing framework for the use of Open Source technologies

Within MIKE2.0 there is a particular focus on the use of open source technologies. These open source products are similar to commercial product offerings in that they map into the logical solutions.

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