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The Roadmap is conducted during Phase 3 of the MIKE2.0 Methodology. The activities that make up the Roadmap take place at the beginning of each implementation increment before starting other design and development Activities. They come directly the Foundation Activities which also take place in Phase 3.


The Roadmap is primarily focused on scoping the detail for a specific increment of work. It provides the detailed requirements and solution definition that applies to the 3 stages of continuous implementation. In this phase, the business systems requirements developed in the previous phases are analysed in detail. The system is also described in terms of what its major components will be, and how they will work in the overall solution. In particular, this phase has the following objectives:

  • Refine strategic business requirements to a detailed level for incremental design
  • Complete the solution architecture, identifying all of the objects or code and data elements necessary to model the domain in which the application(s) will work
  • Establish standards and develop solutions to common problems, when those solutions will impact design, deployment and deployment of all parts of the system
  • Define the development and delivery environments
  • Detailed planning for this cycle of the implementation

The Roadmap can be summarised as providing the Plan, the Solution Requirements and the Solution Definition for the continuous implementation phase.

Terminology Issues

Many organisations refer to a Roadmap as meaning the overall strategic approach. In MIKE2.0, the overall strategy is referred to as the Blueprint, which takes place during phases 1 and 2. For a further explanation of this approach, refer to the section of Extreme Blueprinting and Roadmapping.

To avoid confusion, it is possible that this terminology may be changed in the future.

Activities are primarily focused on understanding information issues, resolving these problems and defining target information models. If these activities are not conducted first, other subsequent implementation work is likely to fail.

Foundation Activities also involve a number of steps to improve Data Governance, by identifying the key data elements and the root causes to that most commonly lead to issues with this data. Metrics are then established before this data is quantitatively investigated and re-engineered.

Major Deliverables

The Major Deliverables produced include:

  • Summary of scope for the increment
  • Detailed Business Requirements
  • Solution Architecture
  • Testing and Deployment Plan for an increment

Foundation Activities are complemented by Activities which define the Roadmap, which also takes place during Phase 3.

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