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Social Bookmarking Concept

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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This is a Concept Article which is used to describe a key Information Management concept. The purpose of this article is to provide a general definition of this concept.

Social bookmarking is a mechanism for users to provide links to internet-based resources and add metadata to the link to further describe it. This provides a community based approach to building up an inventory.

Social bookmarking is a user-driven classification process which allows for content to be grouped and identified in a simple, collaborative fashion. Users make use of tagging to organise content and follow a folksonomy approach to collaboratively classify content. Unlike the use of controlled vocabulary, tagging tends to be more personalised and subjective in its association. In some cases users may make use of the formal categories established in the Taxonomy Design. It should be noted that there are some differing viewpoints on the techniques as described in the Comparison Between Tagging and Categories.

Illustrative Implementations

Illustrative implementations of Social Bookmarking include:

MIKE2.0 Approach

MIKE2.0 uses a variation on traditional social bookmarking by introducing the concept of a "loose" controlled vocabulary where contributors can add tags based on MIKE2.0 categories. OM Bookmarks OM Bookmarks is based on Scuttle, open source social bookmarking application. OM Bookmarks helps the MIKE2.0 community of interest to create a collection of links to websites and blog postings that are relevant to our solutions. A number of extensions were added to mediawiki to provide this functionality.

Additional Information on this Subject from Wikipedia

Wikipedia provides a detailed overview of many Information Management concepts. MIKE2.0 provides a mashup to Wikipedia to provide an enriched reference source for Concept Articles. To edit this article you need to login to Wikipedia.
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