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posted 3206 days ago

G'day Jason,

My name is David Pratten. I am a Sydney based, Australian, freelance Information Designer ( who is passionate about creating tools that help busy people to find the information that is relevant to them in detailed reports.

I read with interest about your conversation with Robert H. about the "the need for standards within and across organizations for the development of reports .... for good information practice." and I am interested in working with you on "developing vendor-neutral reporting templates"

I believe that we can use visual metaphor to improve on the static webpage or the PDF, to deliver understandable reports to people in information intensive roles. I have created and open sourced (GPL2.0) a tool that may be of interest.

As a test-case for this open source project, I have secured permission from the Federal Government's Productivity Commission to republish one of their reports . The result is at where you will find a copy of their report ( ) into the not-for-profit sector which is over 500 pages long.

Access to the document is through a visual metaphor that reveals related material, and shows search results. Every page of material may be separately commented on via twitter, facebook and a dozen other social media sites. These benefits are well expressed by Lina Caneva, Editor at in her recent review of my work for the Productivity Commission

The document reader is an instance of the knowledge ferret open source project . An explanation of the technology may be found in here

Let me know if, and how, I can contribute to your initiative.


posted 3209 days ago

Many thanks for the posting and the spot is perfect