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What is MIKE2.0

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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[[ja:What is MIKE2.0]]
[[ja:What is MIKE2.0]]
[[Category:Overview and Key Concepts]]
[[Category:Introduction to MIKE2.0]]

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MIKE2.0 for Enterprise Information Management - Offering Groups

MIKE2.0 (Method for an Integrated Knowledge Environment) is an Open Source delivery methodology for Enterprise Information Management. MIKE2.0 is a comprehensive methodology that can be applied across a number of different projects within the Information Management space, including those that apply to:

MIKE2.0 for Enterprise Information Management - Core Solution Offerings

While the primary focus of MIKE2.0 in its current form is around structured data, the goal of MIKE2.0 is to provide a comprehensive methodology for Information Development. This means that MIKE2.0 will be significantly extended in 4 Solution Offering areas:

  • Information Asset Management Solutions provides the mechanism to manage information as an asset. It helps organisations treat their information with the same priority as other assets by making sure it is properly stored and kept secure.

Whilst some of the offerings are in the early stages of development, the SAFE Architecture is comprehensive in its coverage of the component capabilities in each of these areas. In addition, the current form of the Overall Implementation Guide does provide a number of activities that can be applied equally to semi-structured, unstructured content and the "front-end" capabilities of Business Intelligence. Supporting Assets and initially proposed Solution Offerings have been added to cover all of these areas and Contributors are strongly encouraged to add to this area as well.

In summary, MIKE2.0 is primarily a technology-focused methodology related to Enterprise Information Management, which can be used to provide Business Solution Offerings.

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