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What is MIKE2.0

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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Method for an Integrated Knowledge Environment (MIKE2.0) is an open source delivery framework for Enterprise Information Management. It provides a comprehensive methodology (869 significant articles so far) that can be applied across a number of different projects within the Information Management space. While initially focused around structured data, the goal of MIKE2.0 is to provide a comprehensive methodology for any type of Information Development. Information Development is about:

  • Driving an overall approach through an organization's Information Strategy
  • Enabling people with the right skills to build and manage new information systems while creating a culture of information excellence
  • Moving to a new organisational model that delivers an improved information management competency
  • Improving processes around information compliance, policies, practices and measurement
  • Delivering contemporary technology solutions that meet the needs of highly federated organizations


MIKE2.0 is a comprehensive set of IM Solutions...

Mike2 core solution offerings.jpg

delivered in 5 Phases from Strategy to Operate...

Mike2 5phases.jpg

with a detailed Usage Model...

MIKE2 Usage Model.jpg

based on the SAFE Architecture...

Safe conceptual architecture gestault.jpg

managed by Information Governance...

Networked information governance.jpg
Data governance team level 5 dq.jpg

integrated with a Collaborative Community...

OmCollab vision.jpg
  • A Wiki to collaboratively create and share content (based on MediaWiki which powers Wikipedia, the world's largest Wiki).
  • A Blogs to publish individual or group-based information (based on Wordpress, the world's most popular blogging platform).
  • Forums to support questions and answers (Q&A) on IM topics (based on phpBB, the most widely used open source forums solution).
  • Search for users to discover content across federated repositories.
  • Rich User Interface with advanced navigational components, an integrated skin and single sign on to provide common look and feel across the platform.

providing free Assets and Accelerators...

Im quickscan results.jpg

to benefit the Industry...

  • Provides a common language for customers, software vendors, hardware vendors and service providers
  • Creates an Information Management standard that reduces risk and cost of delivering IM projects for customers, vendors and service providers
  • Improves the quality and effectiveness of IM projects by incorporating best practices
  • Promotes re-use of proven approaches, solutions and tools
  • Establishes a long term vision of improving Information Management

and Individuals...

  • Learn about key IM approaches, terms, frameworks, solutions
  • Download and use deliverable templates
  • Double-check and close gaps in your IM implementation
  • Ask IM experts questions in MIKE2.0 forums
  • Download omCollab for free to run your own collaboration platform or to integrate with MIKE2.0

which has been implemented many times.

Shown below are recent case studies where MIKE2.0 has been used:

Client Project MIKE2.0 Member
e-Channel Transformation for a UK high street bank The client wanted to enable the concept of a Bank 2.0 – a conversation with the customer through the online channel. MIKE2.0 was used to develop the future-state internet channel architecture for the credit card division of a UK high street bank. BearingPoint
Collaborative Business Intelligence strategy for a central government client The client is responsible for children’s well-being, safety, protection, care and health, education, parenting, family welfare and child poverty. MIKE2.0 was used to help create the overall vision and case for change for a collaborative business intelligence solution. BearingPoint
Enterprise Information Management Strategy for a European postal company The client is the state postal company in the process of market liberalization and undergoing major change. MIKE2.0 was used to develop the overall Enterprise Information Management strategy, including a data governance assessment using IM QuickScan. BearingPoint
Data-driven IT Transformation for a leading media company Media industry changes caused the client to undertake a major business transformation. The MIKE2.0 xBR approach was used to deliver an "IT Blueprint“, defining the strategy through 2011. BearingPoint
BearingPoint’s own Enterprise 2.0 Strategy and Implementation BearingPoint used OmCollab to develop its own Enterprise 2.0 solution: the approach makes use of the collaborative, user-driven content built using Web 2.0 techniques and technologies on the MIKE2.0 site and incorporates it internally into the enterprise. It supports a 1000 person community and $400m of projects. BearingPoint
MDM Strategy for a European Bank BearingPoint designed a complete enterprise banking solution that replicated the functionality of the bank’s disparate systems and provided a stable platform for growth. MIKE2.0 was used primarily to define the technology requirements and architecture for the project. BearingPoint
Credit Decisioning Architecture a major UK bank MIKE2.0 was used on this engagement to define a solution that met the client’s goal of “world class credit decisioning” using the IM Blueprinting approach. BearingPoint

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