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Business Solution Offering Creation Guide

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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This article provides a guide for creating MIKE2.0 Business Solution Offerings. It shows how the Solution Offering maps into the Solution Capabilities of the overall MIKE2.0 methodology as well as into other Solution Offerings on the open methodology site.



Overall Instructions for the Creation Guide
The purpose of a Solution Offering is to:
  • Describe the Solution Offering and show its relationship to other offerings
  • Map the Solution Offering to the Key Elements of the overall open methodology site
  • Assets mapped into the Suite can be open, shared or private assets

A Solution Offering brings together all assets in MIKE2.0 relevant to solving a specific business and technology problem. Many of these assets may already exist and as the suite is built out over time, assets can be progressively added to an Offering.

A Solution Offering contains all the elements required to define and deliver a go-to-market offering. It can use a combination of open, shared and private assets.

Executive Summary

Provide a brief overview and scope of the Solution Offering. Summarize in a few sentences the differentiating features of this technology product set

Solution Offering Purpose

Business Solution Offerings brings together all assets in MIKE2.0 relevant to solving a specific business problem for which Information Management is a major issue. Business Solution Offerings provide an introduction to the business problem, the industries it impacts and why the proposed approach is beneficial to solving the problem. They also provide a set of high-level business requirements, required aspects of the SAFE Architecture and applicable activities from the Overall Implementation Guide. Finally, it lists some recommended best practices for implementation and typical areas of complexity. Applicable vendor technology solutions to solve the business problem should be listed within Product Solution Offerings.

Business Solutions are not comprehensive in scope; their primary focus is to provide the connection between the technology-oriented MIKE2.0 Methodology and business problems that are significantly impacted by Information Management issues.

Solution Offering Relationship

MIKE2.0 Product Solutions
Mapping of the Business Solution Offering is done as follows:
  • Show where the solution sits in terms of overall Offering Group mappings by highlighting the relevant Business Solution Offering area.
  • Highlight related Core Solution Offerings.
  • NOTE: once the list of Business Solution Offerings becomes more mature, the context model will be expanded to cover this area in more detail. It is envisaged that Product Solution Offerings will be grouped by vendor and mapping into Core Solution Offerings.

As Business Solutions are at a high level, there is little detailed mapping to specific IM Suite assets. Most of the mapping is done at the Core Solution Offerings level.

Solution Offering Definition

This section is used to provide a detailed overview of the Solution Offering.
  • It typically includes population of the headings below.
  • Other sections may also be added but content should be kept at a high level

Key Business Impacts

Describe how this problem impacts businesses:
  • Provide a list of the different industries impacted by this business problem and how this problem impacts the industry as a whole
  • Describe recent industry trends or movements in the industry that are driving resolution of this issue

Why this Solution Offering Requires an Information Development Approach

Describe why this issue requires an Information Development approach by:
  • Listing the key information management issues associated with this business problem
  • Listing the resulting impacts that poor information management practices have on this business problem
  • If possible, referencing actual case studies that highlight the issues. The case study should be based on quantitative numbers and objective facts and may reference outside sources.

Strategic Requirements

List the major business requirements of this offering that require an improved approach to information management

Guiding Principles

List out a set of summary guidelines to follow in implementation, specifically as they related to an improved approach to Information Management

Strategic Business Requirements

List the strategic requirements for the business problem at a very high level

Strategic Information Requirements

Translate strategic business requirements into high level information requirements. For example, list the main CSFs and KPIs that would be measured for attaining a strategic business requirement.

Typical Implementation Challenges

List out other some of the most difficult aspects of the meeting these business requirements

Relationship to to Solution Capabilities

Mapping to Overall Implementation Guide

Solution Offerings are mapped to the Overall Implementation Guide in the following fashion:
  • The most important activities required from the Overall Implementation Guide are described specifically in relation to the Offering.
  • This is at a very high level and activities and is not as comprehensive as within a Core Solution Offering.
  • The complete list of required activities shown in the Usage Model for Core Solution Offering is not required

Mapping to the SAFE Architecture Framework

Solution Offerings are mapped to the SAFE Architecture in the following fashion:
  • Map the Offering to the key architectural components of MIKE2.0
  • Also list mapping to high level solution architecture options, architecture design patterns and logical implementation techniques as they related to the product

Mapping to the Information Governance Framework

Solution Offerings are mapped to the Information Governance Framework in the following fashion:
  • Map the Offering to key Information Governance concepts in the suite.
  • Mappings go across people, process, organization and technology.
  • Also links to Information Management Strategy and how the Offering aligns with the concept of Information Development.
  • The mapping is to the open governance framework of the IM Solution Suite.
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