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Business Solution Offerings

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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Mike2 content model business solutions.jpg

MIKE2.0 Business Solutions provide recommendations for solving a number of business problems for which information management is critical to success.

Business Solutions help users by proving an introduction to the business problem, the industries it impacts and why the MIKE2.0 approach is beneficial to solving the problem. They also provide a set of high-level business requirements, required aspects of the SAFE Architecture and applicable activities from the Overall Implementation Guide. It also lists some recommended best practices for implementation, typical areas of complexity and applicable vendor technology solutions to solve the business problem.

Proposed initial MIKE2.0 Business Solutions include:

Business Solution Offerings relate to the Business Model View of the architecture and are complemented by Core Solution Offerings. To solve any complex business problem Application Development, Infrastructure Development and Information Development activities are needed.

It is envisaged that some users of MIKE2.0 will develop Business Solutions as Private Assets that are mapped into the open method or as assets developed in an open framework that is not part of MIKE2.0. The structure shown of the proposed solutions provides a framework as a starting point for solution development.

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