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Core Solution Offerings

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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MIKE2.0 Core Solution Offering Groups

Core Solution Offerings are solutions for common problems in Information Management. These problems are fairly signficant and would come in the form of major projects that an organisation would conduct that would take place over months or years. Core Solutions are often industry-independent, complementing Business Solution Offerings which tend to apply to a specific type of organisation. They are also logical, complementing Product Solution Offerings which are technology-specific. They are delivered through Information Development and Infrastructure Development, using components from the SAFE Architecture.

Core Solution Offerings cover specific best practices around implementing foundation capabilities, advanced capabilities or an aggregate of these capabilities to deliver an overall architectural approach.

Core Solution Offerings are contained within 6 main Offering Groups:

Composite Solution Offerings go across offerings within different offerings groups.

The complete list of offerings are shown below within their respective Offering Groups. This list of Offerings will evolve over time and contributors are encouraged to propose new offerings.

MIKE2.0 for Enterprise Information Management - Core Solution Offerings

All Core Solution Offerings have common features, such as Design Patterns and Vendor Implementation Techniques. Core Solution Offerings are referenced against the SAFE Architecture and the MIKE2.0 Overall Implementation Guide.

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