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Customer Information Management Component

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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Customer (User) Information Management covers how users can manage their own information - particularly within the Internet Channel. They includes classifying their own information assets, being able to access information and building collective intelligence. It overlaps with the capabilities for Business Intelligence.

= Tagging

Tagging enables users to categorize content dynamically through a folksonomical approach. This stands in contrast to the traditional corporate taxonomy where content is buried in a folder structure that represents someone else’s perspective on categorisation this can enable business capabilties such as spend management. comparer forfait rio bouygues portabilité du numéro calcul IMC rio orange


Search provides a capability to access and find information in response to a query, whether the source contains structured, semi-structured or unstructured data. This key component is described in more detail as it provides a significant capability across the architecture.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking allows users to maintain and share links with a community which can also rate the value of the links they contribute.

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