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Data Governance Sponsorship and Scope

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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Activity: Data Governance Sponsorship and Scope

Objective. The Data Governance Sponsorship and Scope activity defines a very high level model of the scope for Data Governance and beginning to assign resources for the Data Governance team by selecting Data Stewards. The Executive Sponsors and Data Stewards will have an ongoing role of approving Data Governance Policies as they are established and to approve data quality target metrics. They will also help drive the formulation of the team in the next Activity.

Data Governance is a strategic business initiative and executive sponsorship needs to be assigned. The Executive Sponsor must provide leadership and Senior Data Stewards must accept accountability for the Data Governance program.

Major Deliverables
  • Confirm scope of the initial iteration of the Data Governance Strategy (e.g. "Credit Risk Management")
  • Confirm Data Subject Areas that will be included in scope
  • Assign Data Steward to each Subject Area
  • Alignment of Information Economic Principles with the goals of Data Governance

Common assets:


Task: Designate Executive Sponsor

Objective: Engaged and educated executive sponsorship will be critical for a successful Data Governance programme. Executive sponsors must play a role in developing information policy and measures required to achieve higher levels of information maturity. To be successful, the Data Governance programme requires active involvement and leadership from the business as well as within the IT. Therefore, having sponsors from both the business and IT can be effective.


  • Business Scope of the initial iteration of the programme
  • Enterprise Information Management Awareness training
  • Organisational QuickScan Assessments


  • Executive Sponsor(s) selected for Data Governance programme

Task: Define Data Scope

Objective: Based on the high-level information requirements, define the scope of data that will need to be managed as part of the Data Governance programme. This only needs to be at a subject area level to assign appropriate resources as Data Stewards.

The Data Scope defined at this level is for the overall strategic programme, which may involve the implementation of multiple increments.


  • High Level Information Requirements Deliverable Template
  • High Level Information Requirements
  • Organisational QuickScan Assessments


  • Data Scope for Data Governance programme Deliverable Template
  • Data Scope for Data Governance programme

Task: Assign Data Stewards

Objective: Data Stewards act as the conduit between IT and the business and accept accountability for data definition, data management process definition, and information quality levels for specific data subject areas. Data stewardship involves taking responsibility for data elements for their end-to-end usage across the enterprise.

Due to their position as a bridge between IT and the business, Data Stewards will also play a leadership role in helping to set up the overall Data Governance team.


  • Data Scope for Data Governance programme Deliverable Template
  • Data Scope for Data Governance programme


  • Assign Data Stewards Deliverable Template
  • Data Stewards assigned for Data Governance programme

Role: Executive Sponsor for Data Governance

Role: Data Stewards

Yellow Flags

  • Executive Sponsor is not enthusiastic about the importance of Data Governance
  • Data Stewards are unfamiliar with assigned data subject areas

Potential Changes to this Activity

Governance definitions should be expanded to ensure they also cover unstructured content as well as structured data.

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