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Deliverable Templates

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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MIKE2.0 includes a 5-phase delivery methodology with activities and tasks for each phase. Each task has inputs and outputs defined which include Deliverable Templates. To find deliverables, please go to each task in the Overall Task List or browse the Deliverable Templates category.

A Deliverable Template strictly defines the output structure of a deliverable. Most Deliverable Templates align at the Activity or Task level of the Overall Implementation Guide. MIKE2.0 relies less on deliverable templates than other methodologies as it tries to encourage users to adopt a tools-based, model-driven approach.

More templates are now being added as this has been a frequently requested aspect of the methodology. contributors are strongly encouraged to assist in this effort.

Each Deliverable Template contains the following:

  • Relationship to the Overall Implementation Guide of the MIKE2.0 Methodology
  • Explicit scope covered by the Deliverable Template
  • Structure of the Deliverable Template, providing each section that should be contained in the deliverable
  • Example text in each section to help the user understand specifically what should be contained in the output deliverable

Whilst it is encouraged to put Deliverables Templates into MIKE2.0 in wiki form so they can be more easily updated by the collaborative community, Deliverable Templates can be added in other content forms. Most Deliverable Templates are logical in nature although MIKE2.0 also provides product-specific Deliverable Templates. All assets that are part of the Core MIKE2.0 Methodology are logical in nature.

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