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Development Environment Technical Architecture Deliverable Template

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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This article is a stub. It is currently undergoing major changes as it is in the very early stages of development and is only a placeholder. Please help improve MIKE2.0 by adding to this article.
This deliverable template is used to describe a sample of the MIKE2.0 Methodology (typically at a task level). More templates are now being added to MIKE2.0 as this has been a frequently requested aspect of the methodology. Contributors are strongly encouraged to assist in this effort.
Deliverable templates are illustrative as opposed to fully representative. Please help add examples to this template that are representative of the proposed output.

The purpose of the Development Environment Technical Architecture task is to produce a technical infrastructure design based on the technologies already selected. This should be at a fairly high level – effectively an architecture diagram with a high level supporting explanation of the components.


Example for a sample Development Environment Technical Architecture

Technologies and infrastructure

During the first phase, a standard operating environment (SOE) was developed to provide a development platform for future phases, and be the standard technology referenced by the architecture.


Table below is a comprehensive list of the software in-use, or proposed for use, as at the end of phase 3 for:

  • Development, covering the activities undertaken by the <COMPANY> developers;
  • Administration, covering the activities undertaken by <COMPANY> administrators;
  • Analysis, covering the activities undertaken by users of the data warehouse analysis tools;
  • Wrapper, covering the activities undertaken by regulated entities using the Wrapper;
  • Security, controlling access to data and software; and
  • Interfaces, supporting the interfaces between classes.
Product Version Purpose Development Administration Analysis Wrapper Security Interfaces
Apache Tomcat 3.1 Java servlet engine * *   *    
Apache Web Server 1.3 Web server *   * * *  
Apache Xalan 1.2 XSLT processor for transforming XML documents * *   *    
Apache Xerces 1.2.1 XML Parser * *   *    
Borland JBuilder 3.5/4.0 Java development *          
Allaire ColdFusion 4.5 Analysis portal security interface         *  
Dotsec Security Component classes N/A JCE interface to Spyrus *     * * *
JavaCC 2.0 Java parser generator *          
Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 Portal design *          
Microsoft Outlook 8.5 Notification forms * *        
Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Prototyping *          
Oracle Designer Release 6.0 Metadata repository * *        
Oracle Designer Pre-configured Repository Release 6.0 Empty, seeded, repository *          
Oracle Discoverer Administration Edition 3.1.36 Administration of queries * *        
Oracle Discoverer User Edition 3.3.48 Relational OLAP queries *   *      
Oracle Enterprise Manager 8i GUI RDBMS administration * *        
Oracle Express Administrator 6.3 Administration * *        
Oracle Express Analyser End-user analysis * * *      
Oracle Express Objects 6.3 Custom Express interface development *          
Oracle Express Publisher 6.3 Publishing of Express Objects * *        
Oracle Express Server 6.3 Support end-user analysis *   *      
Oracle Express Web Agent 6.3 Processes embedded Express commands in JavaScript *   *      
Oracle JDBC Driver 2.0 JDBC interface to Oracle RDBMS * *       *
Oracle Personal Edition 8.1.6 Workstation installed RDBMS supporting development *          
Oracle RDBMS 8i RDBMS (Operational and DW)) * * *   * *
Oracle Reports Release 6i Report development (operational and analytical) * * *      
Oracle Reports Run-time Release 6i Report execution * * *      
Oracle Warehouse Builder 2.1 Extract, Transform and Load * *       *
Oracle Workflow 2.5 Workflow support for Returns * *       *
Perfect Tracker 4.0 Incident management *          
Spyrus Certification Authority Build 17.7 Certification authority (located offsite)         *  
Spyrus Registration Authority Build 17.7 Registration authority (located at APRA)         *  
Sun Forte Community Edition 1.0 (Release 2) Preparation of data entry forms (for delivery to the Wrapper) * *        
Sun JDK 1.3 Java Development Kit *          
Sun JRE 1.3 Java Run-time Environment (includes RMI) * * * *   *
WexTech Doc-to-Help 4 Help authoring *          
XML Spy 3.0 XML/XBRL design and review *          


Figure below shows a schematic of the <COMPANY> project development environment. It is useful to map this development architecture to the proposed infrastructure.

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