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ETL Developers

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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The ETL Developers design, build and test the jobs or code that moves, transforms and loads data.



Technical Accountabilities

  • Ensure the ETL code delivered is running, conforms to specifications and design guidelines.
  • Developing to estimated timelines or updating management on deviations to these estimates.
  • Unit testing ETL code to ensure it can be delivered and run in a system testing environment.
  • Raise critical technical issues to the ETL Design Lead that may impact on the timeline.
  • Participation and contribution in quality assurance walk throughs of ETL components.
  • Answer all the queries of Business Analyst related to Data linege.
  • Carry out Impact Analysis for changes proposed by Business team.



  • Knowledge of the ETL technology in use on the project.
  • Understand ETL basic concepts of data flow, data enrichment, data consolidation, change data capture and transformation.
  • Understand database concepts of referential integrity, indexes and keys and table metadata.

Technology Skills

  • Moderate expertise and experience in the ETL development tool or ability to learn from a mentor on the project.
  • Ability to navigate on the host server for file management, file cleanup and configuration tasks.
  • Ability to query source and target databases for unit testing.
  • Proficient with a database SQL language for user-defined database extract or update statements.

Work Experience

  • Exposure to a programming language in order to code transformations.
  • Exposure to a database and experience with database objects.
  • Experience with ETL tools or data migration or data integration.
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