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This article is currently Under Construction. It is undergoing major changes as it is in the early stages of development. Users should help contribute to this article to get it to the point where is ready for a Peer Review.

EnhydraOctopus, also known as just Octopus is a Java-based Open Source ETL tool. It may connect to any JDBC data sources and perform transformations defined in an XML file. It is generally unaavailable as a tool in itself, and generally comes as a part of the Enhydra Server product.

Enhydra Company Overview


Relationship to MIKE2.0

SAFE Architecture

  • Used to deliver the ETL sub-component

Overall Implementation Guide

ETL Design and Implementation Activities of MIKE2.0, which are:

Alignment with Strategic Requirements for Information Development

Product Review

Key Features

  • Supports connectivity to a number of open source and commercial databases, including: MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, QED, JDBC-ODBC with Excel and Access, MySQL, CSV-files, XML-files
  • Impressive transformation capabilities, including:
    • Normalisation,
    • Artificial Key Creation,
    • Table Creation,
    • Primary Key Creation


  • Pros point 1
  • Pros point 2
  • Pros point 3
  • Pros point 4


  • Access to source requires a JDBC driver.
  • Cons point 2
  • Cons point 3
  • Cons point 4

Desired Enhancements

Functionality that users of the MIKE2.0 Methodology would like to see added to this product are as follows:

User Valuation Enhancements

Voting scores from MIKE2.0 Contributors on the value of the asset in the context of the overall methodology


Product Access

Enhydra Serce download available from product website

Open Source Licensing

Comparable Open Source Products

Reference Implementations through MIKE2.0

Wiki Contributors
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