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Fusing Enterprise Search and Social Bookmarking - A Technical Guide

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Name: Michael Loke
Organisation: BearingPoint
Title: Senior Technology Analyst
Contact: michael.loke at bearingpoint dot com



This is WIP (Work in Progress).


This article attempts at describing how organic Enterprise Search results from the Google Search Appliance can be fused with a Social Bookmarking system.

For the position article and benefits related to the same topic, please refer to Fusing Enterprise Search and Social Bookmarking written by Jeremy Thomas.

What are we trying to achieve

The aim of the fusion results is to enable the user to view the following results as part of the organic search results returned by the GSA.
1) Tagging - This allows user to see what tags the link has been associated with by other knowledge workers
2) Saved by - This allows the user to see how many times a organic search link has been saved by other knowledge workers

Normal Search Results

Below is a screenshot of the organic search results that is returned by the GSA after a query is made.

Fusion of Search Results and Social Bookmarking

After the fusion, the extra information is visible.

Systems/Softwares involved

1) Scuttle -> Social Bookmarking API 2) GSA -> Google Search Appliance

Technical Diagram

Overall technical architecture diagram

Sequence Diagram

Sequence diagram of a sample implementation

Extension of Scuttle API

What information needs to be returned by the API

<insert screenshot of sample XML returned by the BLOB> <all done using REST design principles>

Integration via a OneBox Module

Describe what onebox module does

Jave code

Java code...

Modification to XSLT


Summary here....

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