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Future-State Conceptual Data Model Deliverable Template

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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This deliverable template is used to describe a sample of the MIKE2.0 Methodology (typically at a task level). More templates are now being added to MIKE2.0 as this has been a frequently requested aspect of the methodology. Contributors are strongly encouraged to assist in this effort.
Deliverable templates are illustrative as opposed to fully representative. Please help add examples to this template that are representative of the proposed output.



Future-State Conceptual Data Model defines the overall conceptual data model for the target environment. Features of a conceptual data model include:

  • The important entities and the relationships among them.
  • No attributes are specified.
  • No primary keys are is specified


Examples of conceptual data model are shown below

Conceptual Data Model - Pictorial View

As done so quickly, a conceptual data model need not be in a modelling tool to be valuable. Sometimes, the modeling can be more picture-oriented as shown below.

Conceptual Data Model - Pictorial View

Conceptual Data Model - with a bit more detail

A conceptual data model isn't always at the same level, as we more towards a logical model it should certainly be within a modelling tool.

Conceptual Data Model - Pictorial View

Conceptual Data Model for Financial Services

Shown here is the conceptual data model based on an off-the-shelf model (the Teradata FSLDM).

Conceptual Data Model for Financial Services
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