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Guiding Principles

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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Guiding Principles are used to help formulate the initial architecture and governance model and provide a framework for decision making. Within MIKE2.0 they are used to:

  • Provide a clear linkage to business priorities
  • Guide the technology organization
  • Facilitate communication of our initiatives to business users
  • Help to simplify our decision-marking process
  • Define initial best practices for implementation

Guiding Principles are an example of Organisational Rules. There are different types of Guiding Principles within MIKE2.0:

IT Principles

  • Guide the manner in which IT will relate to the Business
  • Guide technology choices and how it is delivered and managed

IT Architecture Principles

  • Define a solution framework and a vision that can be applied to evolving technologies
  • Define how technology will be implemented as a solution to meet the needs of the business

Information Management Principles

  • Define how information will be managed, modelled, stored, shared and accessed
  • Define how information issues are resolved, governance processes and information standards

The Guiding Principles in MIKE2.0 are specific to the Technology Backplane are can be complemented by other organisational, business or application-specific principles. Guiding Principles are established during the Future State Vision for Information Management Activity of MIKE2.0.

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