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IM Solution Suite

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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The IM Solution Suite is BearingPoint's overall solution framework for Information Management.


The IM Solution Suite provides a common set of global Information Management solutions for BearingPoint that can be used in the context of its overall Global Delivery Framework. This Suite provides an end-to-end approach; delivering long term value and addressing all critical touch points along the information supply chain. Users collaboratively develop and refine Solution Offerings and Capabilities on MIKE2.0 and link this to the best information management IP on the web and that which is held internally in BearingPoint. In summary, the suite provides a complete framework for delivering information management projects, developing thought-leading intellectual property and running an integrated open source and corporate information management community.


MIKE2.0 as the open source “face” of the suite, which then links into collaborative solutions.

MIKE2.0 is the open source face of the IM Suite

IM Solution Suite is developed collaboratively in a a true Enterprise 2.0 fashion: it makes use of the collaborative, user-driven content built using Web 2.0 techniques and technologies on the MIKE2.0 site and incorporates it internally into the enterprise. The approach followed to build this repository is referred to as a mashup.

The IM Suite is a realisation of the Integrated Content Repository

The IM Solution Suite uses omCollab to provide the technology platform for both solutions. This internally hosted instance is referred to as imCollab.

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