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Information Asset Cost/Benefit Model

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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This article is a stub. It is currently undergoing major changes as it is in the very early stages of development and is only a placeholder. Please help improve MIKE2.0 by adding to this article.

The Information Asset Cost/Benefit Model is a start-set model that can be used to determine the current cost of information assets, projected expenditures as part of a planned information management engagement and the return on the investment. Its a simple model that provides recommendations on information that should be captured to assign to information within an organisation.


Cost of Current Information Assets

The model should be defined at an organisational level, going back at least 3 years

  • Technology costs
  • Technology costs on Information Management
  • Staff costs
  • Staff efficiency losses
  • Fines/penalties due lost information assets
  • Opportunity losses

Proposed Costs to Improve Information Assets

Proposed Benefits of Improving Information Assets

  • Technology costs on Information Management


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