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Infrastructure Development

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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Enterprise model for Infrastructure Development

The Infrastructure Development Domain provides the platforms (hardware, network, operating systems, etc.) to support system software. The Infrastructure Development Domain also includes the technologies that are used to interconnect system processes and data, encompassing migration of data off of legacy systems as well as processes automation and the design of composite application functions. Advanced Infrastructure Development includes bringing together a range of technologies into a unified, Services Oriented Architecture. Newer methods of integration such as Web Services are encompassed within this model, and are merely another mechanism for achieving the integration function.

We are moving towards standardization of all Infrastructure Development: platform infrastructure continues to be commoditized and we are making great advances through SOAs. The goal is to make integration just like platform infrastructure. To do this we make it:

  • Standards Based
  • Well-defined, inventoried and something we can procure on demand
  • Reusable and Reliable
  • Modular
  • Loosely Coupled

This is an area where our greatest advances have come over the last 5 years and data integration is finally moving to a reusable model inline with application integration. Integration is still hard, but its getting easier.

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