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Infrastructure Management Conceptual Design Deliverable Template

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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This article is currently Under Construction. It is undergoing major changes as it is in the early stages of development. Users should help contribute to this article to get it to the point where is ready for a Peer Review.
This deliverable template is used to describe a sample of the MIKE2.0 Methodology (typically at a task level). More templates are now being added to MIKE2.0 as this has been a frequently requested aspect of the methodology. Contributors are strongly encouraged to assist in this effort.
Deliverable templates are illustrative as opposed to fully representative. Please help add examples to this template that are representative of the proposed output.

The Infrastructure Management Conceptual task provides the conceptual design for all other processes used for creating and maintaining the information management environment. Examples include:

  • Backup & Recovery
  • Archiving
  • Usage monitoring of the information management environment


Example for a sample Infrastructure Management Conceptual Design

The following sections describe all other processes used for creating and maintaining the information management environments that ABC 2-0 exists in.

Client System

User Access

The Data Integration Solution in the production environment shall not be made available to business users. Client System support will have access to the solution but the controlling ignition sequence will be scheduled through Infrastructure Management System.

The standard Client System data delivery layer toolset is used for report production, delivery and access management.

Backup & Recovery

The System has a daily shutdown and full back up of database after replicas have been processed.

There is a full backup of the production system, including ETL jobs, performed weekly.


This is managed offsite by XYZ who have a SLA with Client System.

As a system depending on daily data refreshes, ABC 2-0 has no specific requirements for the archiving of logs or data in excess of current Client System functions.

Usage Monitoring

Client System support reacts to issues of system performance in an informal, ad hoc basis.

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