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Integrating MIKE2.0 to External Assets

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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Individuals or organisations that wish to use MIKE2.0 will often need to do this in the content of an existing methodology or set of artifacts. BearingPoint, for example, has MIKE2.0 a core part of its overall Information Management Solution Suite.

The Information Management Solution Suite

BearingPoint's Information Management Solution Suite is an end-to-end solution focused on delivering long-term value and addressing all critical touch points along the information supply chain.

The suite successfully captures, manages and analyzes all types of information required to manage daily operations, competitive threats, and critical business decisions for an enterprise. It helps create and manages knowledge assets and provides the ability to access information - enabling users to make timely, relevant and effective business decisions.

BearingPoint's Information Management Solution Suite0

MIKE2.0 is the collaborative, open source aspect of the IM Suite. It directly links into supporting offerings and detailed assets by providing an overall competency for information management.

Linking Into Other Assets

In addition to the specific Suite, MIKE2.0 also links into other BearingPoint assets:

  • Integration into its overall methodology for Software Delivery, ProvenCourse

This provides additional depth to MIKE2.0 by linking the Enterprise Information Management methodology into a delivery framework that is comprehensive in scope and by providing illustrative examples on how the MIKE2.0 methodology has been used.

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