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MIKE2:Baseline Release

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The MIKE2.0 Baseline Release provides the initial release of the MIKE2.0 Methodology to the Open Source Community. This release provides the initial set of content related to the Overall Implementation Guide, early MIKE2.0 Solutions and Supporting Assets. It should be considered the beta release of the open source version of MIKE2.0.

We believe we are in the early stages of an ambitious project and that although there is already a lot content in MIKE2.0, we have a long we to go. In the spirit of Web 2.0, we wanted to get MIKE2.0 into the marketplace and gather feedback on the approach and have therefore released it in a Beta form.

Beta Period

During the beta period, content will be changing from the Core MIKE2.0 Methodology independent from a Release Cycle. This approach has been followed as a means to get MIKE2.0 to users quickly and to be incorporate the initial set of user feedback in the most time-effective fashion. It is expected that most of the changes in the beta release will focus on improved usability of the methodology and the contribution process for MIKE2.0.

Also within the beta period, we will complete migration of existing content into the wiki, complete a number of Priority Activities and begin bringing in new Solutions and Supporting Assets from new Contributors. In addition, we will use this time to recruit for the Data Governance and Management Consortium and finalise the Licensing Model. It is estimated that the Beta period will run through Q1 2007.

Extending the Collaborative Environment

MIKE2.0 was initially part of a larger collaboration environment called the DAK Portal that includes forums, messaging, RSS feeds and file management. The initial release of the Open Source version of MIKE2.0 was put forward with a subset of functionality to keep the initiative more focused in its early stages. It is expected that some of these additional components from the original framework will be added back into the framework after the initial Beta Period.

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