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MIKE2:Collaboration Environment

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MIKE2.0 is hosted within a comprehensive collaboration environment that allow users to engage in knowledge sharing, content development and skills improvement. The capabilities provided by omCollab include:

  • A Wiki to collaboratively create and share content (based on MediaWiki which powers Wikipedia, the world's largest Wiki).
  • Blogs to publish individual or group-based information (based on Wordpress, the world's most popular blogging platform).
  • Social Bookmarking for storing, sharing and discovering web bookmarks. We have released this as omBookmarks, a fork of the codebase from Scuttle.
  • Forums to support discussion groups and frequently asked questions (based on phpBB, the most widely used open source forums solution)
  • Search for users to discover content across federated repositories.
  • Rich User Interface with advanced navigational components, an integrated skin and single sign on to provide common look and feel across the platform.

There are also a number of extensions to these components, that can be found of the Special:Version page of MIKE2.0.

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