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MIKE2:Content Governance

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This article is a key aspect of the Open Methodology Framework and has therefore been protected. Propose changes to this article on its corresponding discussion page.

Content Governance applies to the overall approach used in MIKE2.0 for ownership, licensing and content creation. This can be summarised as follows:

Content Creation

There are several elements to improving usability and access to MIKE2.0 content

  • A set of standards and guidelines are put forward in the Manual of Style to make content easier to navigate and to use
  • A construction process exists that allows users to collaboratively work on content and add it to the site in varying forms of completeness, starting out as Wanted Pages or Stubs and moving through a contribution process of becoming a mature article.

In addition, as MIKE2.0 is a method used by practitioners for implementation, quality control of assets and stability are particularly important.

  • Peer Reviews are used to encourage feedback on articles and provide a degree of assurance that content has been reviewed by experienced members of the project before being moved into the core approach
  • A Release Methodology is employed to allow for content to be added iteratively but to also provide a stable method that can be relied on by users

Prior Ownership

BearingPoint is in the process of handing control of MIKE2.0 over to the Data Governance and Management Consortium. The Consortium is in the early stages of formation and currently consists only of the MIKE2.0 Leadership Team. Through the MIKE2.0 Wiki, the MIKE2.0 Leadership Team is recruiting members to become part of the Data Governance and Management Consortium. The initial recruitment meeting was held at Information World 2006 in San Francisco.


MIKE2.0 is freely available under the Creative Commons Attribution License. All users and contributors must follow the terms of this license.

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