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MIKE2:Core MIKE2.0 Methodology

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This article is a key aspect of the Open Methodology Framework and has therefore been protected. Propose changes to this article on its corresponding discussion page.

The Core MIKE2.0 Methodology is the fundamental part of the overall MIKE2.0 Methodology and is the recommended starting point for any project. The Core MIKE2 Methodoloy consists of the Overall Implementation Guide, Usage Model and all approved Solutions and Supporting Assets. Activities of the Core MIKE2.0 Methodology should be used on every project; the Usage Model provides guidelines for which Activities should be used depending on the type of project.

Solutions and Supporting Assets go through a Contribution Process to be promoted to the level of being core assets.

Changes to the Core MIKE2.0 Methodology only occur as part of a Release Cycle although Talk Pages can always be used for recommending changes to any article.

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