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MIKE2:Core Supporting Asset

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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This article is a key aspect of the Open Methodology Framework and has therefore been protected. Propose changes to this article on its corresponding discussion page.

A Core Supporting Asset is a mature Supporting Asset that has undergone significant Peer Review and is at a level where it is part of the Core MIKE2.0 Methodology. It is deemed to be of high interest to most users working on a specific Activity, therefore most vendor-specific Supporting Assets are not see as Core Supporting Assets.

When assets reach this state, they are generally better trusted by users and used a central part of the implementation approach. Core Supporting Assets are directly referenced in the Overall Implementation Guide and MIKE2.0 Solutions and only change as part of a Release Cycle. All Supporting Assets are candidates to become Core Supporting Assets.


Criteria for Inclusion

Core Supporting Assets have the following properties:

  • Is of high general value for many different types of projects
  • Is of very high quality
  • Aligns well with the overall approach to Information Development
  • Has gone through an extensive Peer Review process, including a review by the DGMC

Criteria for Exclusion

Supporting Assets with the following properties are generally thought of as inappropriate to consider as part of the core:

  • A vendor-specific approach that applies only to that vendor
  • Focused only on a niche technology area
  • Techniques are under significant debate

Peer Review Process

An Article can become a new Core Supporting Asset by being proposed by its Contributors and then having it reviewed and approved by the DGMC.

To identify an article as a New Core Supporting Supporting for DGMC Review, place the Proposed Core Supporting Asset Template in the Talk Pages of the article by adding the following text to the top of the page: [[{Proposed Core Supporting Asset}]]

Within the article, the authors should be propose where it should be linked to (i.e. which Activities and Solutions in the MIKE2.0 Methodology).

Examples of Core Supporting Assets

Examples of Core Supporting Assets include Information Maturity QuickScan. The complete inventory can be found here

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